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At Sunderland PC repairs, we provide fast, reliable computer repair services to clients in the Sunderland area. computer repair sunderland Our technicians have over twenty years of combined experience in the computer-repair industry. We are happy to service any brand of computer currently available on the market – including any Apple and Linux computers, and Windows-based PCs. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and come up with a quick and affordable solution to get you up and running again. If you require a Sunderland computer repair we have you covered.

Our technicians provide a level of personal service and customer care which has become scarce in the industry. We offer confidential advice on basic computer usage and will answer any questions you have.

For your convenience we provide a pickup and delivery service.  Give us a call and let our professionals assist you with all your computer needs.

Sunderland PC repairs computer and laptop repair specialises in a wide range of tech, computer, and design services for a huge range of clients, including home users, non-profits, artists, small businesses, and large organizations.  Sunderland PC repairs creates backup schemes that will protect your mission-critical data. We troubleshoot and repair computer problems.

We create custom applications for the web and mobile devices. We add new software, convert data, and offer training. We use our experience and expertise to find the right solution for our clients. Whether it’s removing a virus from a computer or transferring data, we know what it takes to do the job right.

PC Repair/Laptop Repair

computer repair sunderland serviceSunderland is a reasonably large city which is part of Tyne and Wear,  situated in the North East of England.  The city sits on the mouth of the River Wear, which is one of the regions longest rivers, rising from the Pennines and flowing easterly through Durham and onwards towards the North Sea. To find out more on Sunderland as a city click here.

Did you know? An individual who is born or lives in or around the Sunderland area is also known as a Mackem.

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