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We are Sunderland’s leading computer repair shop. If you live in Sunderland or surrounding areas, then you’ve found the best computer repair service in town.

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Our services include:

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My computer does absolutely nothing when I switch the power on?

Sounds like your power supply has failed. We provide only top quality replacement power supplies for all makes of computer systems.   Beware of cheap power supply units.  When they fail they can take your whole machine with it.  We only supply power supplies with active protection circuitry which protects the components inside your computer in the event of a power supply failure.

My computer is running really slow what’s going on?

There are many reasons that a computer will run slow. It could be a virus infection, spyware infection or even a hard disk problem. You might have completely up to date anti-virus software and still be infected.  We’ve seen it many many times. Sunderland PC Repair offer a computer repair service where diagnose the issue and fix it for you.

Drop your machine in for an inspection and we’ll let you know what needs to be done.  Remember, we charge the most competitive price to repair your computer. No hidden fees, no overpricing and therefore no worries.sunderland computer repair

I’m a pensioner or student and have no means of transport what can you do?

For only a nominal charge we will collect and return your computer to you.

When your computer comes in for repair here at Sunderland PC Repair it gets the royal treatment.  We valet every machine that we see, inside and out. We’ll get rid of those years of dust that are hidden away inside so that your machine will once again run cool and quiet.

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Sunderland is a reasonably large city which is part of Tyne and Wear, situated in the North East of England. The city sits on the mouth of the River Wear, which is one of the regions longest rivers, rising from the Pennines and flowing easterly through Durham and onwards towards the North Sea. To find out more on Sunderland as a city click here

Did you know? An individual who is born or lives in or around the Sunderland area is also known as a Mackem.