Computer Scams On The Internet

Since the internet has been released scammers have been lurking around, there are many type of scams that are on the computer which can fool you. Here are the different type of scams and versions of them:

Email scams:

One of the earliest scams to take place on the internet was the email scam and to this very day it is still the most common.

The Foreign Lottery Scam:

The Foreign Lottery Scam is sent via your emails. The subject line will say that you have won a large sum of money, the scammers will then persuade you to give them details such as your full name, date of birth, street address, and telephone number. This is known as a phishing scam.internet virus

Social Networking Scams

Thanks to social networking sites, you can connect with friends, relatives, and even celebrities all over the world. However you can connect with absolutely anyone in the world, and one may be a cyber criminal

Hijacked Profile Scam:

People from the internet can manage to get themselves on your friends account, they will pretend to know you and try to get your personal information out of you thorough being your ‘friend’. Another way they may get money out of you is by sending you an urgent message pretending to be in trouble and need money quickly however in fact its just a hacked account. This is why you must be careful.

email scam removal

How to Avoid Common Scams Online

  • Delete Unsolicited Emails.
  • Don’t Believe Promises of Money or Prizes.
  • Question Requests for Donations.
  • Never Disclose Sensitive Personal Information.
  • Hover Before You Click.

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