DC Power Jack Repair Sunderland

dc power jack repairDoes your laptop refuse to charge? Have you tried changing the charger and still you get no results? The chances are that your DC Power Jack is damaged.  The DC Jack is the part of the laptop which you insert the charger in to and can be easily damaged after time. Sunderland PC Repair can repair your laptops DC Power Jack for you by using high quality solder tools and heat equipment to do so.

A DC Power Jack repair can break from the following occurring:

  • Dropping the laptop whilst it is connected to the charger making the Power Jack loose
  • Wear and tear after time
  • Most Power Jacks don’t have enough protection surrounding them and the motherboard

dc power jack repair sunderland
Sunderland PC Repair fix Power Jacks on all makes and models of laptop so it doesn’t matter if you have a Toshiba, Dell, Acer or a Packard Bell we can fix it.

If you do not know if your laptop is in need of a DC Power Jack Replacement then check the following:

  • Does your laptop shut down without any notice?
  • Does the laptop only run on low power?
  • Are sparks flying out of the laptop?

If you have noticed any of these give Sunderland PC Repair a call on 0191 501 6720 and we can install your laptop with a new Power Jack. my laptop wont charge