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Dell In India

dell projects1Dell have release a ‘life changing’ project for students in India. The project is to make students aware of the importance of a personal computer in terms of education, ‘Aarambah’ is a initiative that is leading the project. It is planned to be for a year long and is hoping to impact 1 million students over 75 cities, the project is set to have an impact on not only students but adults and teachers. A series of activity’s will take place building ‘confidence and familiarity’ through the use of a computer. Estimated 10% of people across the whole of India have a computer in there house hold, the ‘Aarambah’ initiative hope to boost this after the project has finished and give students valuable knowledge that can help them excel in the near future.

Dell In Brazil

dell projects2.jpgDell isn’t just making a difference in India it also is planning a similar sort of project in Brazil another country that is heavily deprived, Dell are planing to recruit (ISV’s) that stands for Independent Software Developers  for the Development of Internet Things (IOT) which can give residents of Brazil an amazing career path. Through this Dell can create a stable ‘contact bridge’ between partners across the world, they will invest in equipment such as intelligent gateways, security and management tools.

Brazil ranks at the bottom of a number of countries worldwide in terms of IOT and with Dells help this is planning to change.

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