Email Issues/ Problems

Are you having email issues whether this is by receiving emails or sending them? This is a common issue that Sunderland PC Repair have faced over the years and we know that many computer repair services located across the UK do not deal with. It isn’t ideal when an email won’t send as in many ways it can be the only form of contact to some people and you may need to get the email to them right away. As soon as you have this problem get in touch to Sunderland PC Repair on 0191 501 2579 and we will send a certified technician to your home at a time that suits you best in order to fix the email issue. email issues

As well as sorting out your email we can also set up new email accounts for you and work out why exactly your emails aren’t sending whether your with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Outlook express or Incredimail.

Common email issues are the following:

  • New domain and DNS issues
  • Emails bouncing back
  • Cannot send or receive email
  • Can send emails but cannot receive them
  • Can receive emails but cannot send them
  • You cannot locate certain emails
  • Emails seem to bounce back or receiving complaints that you are sending spam when in fact you’re not
  • Email server issues

email issues sunderland

Call Sunderland PC Repair now on 0191 501 6705 if you are having any of these issues.