Hard Drive Repair/ Problems

For those who don’t know what the hard drive of a computer is or you do not know its function it more or less is a mechanical device in your computer or laptop which stores all your information. Not only is it the home of all documents and information of the laptop, the hard drive is also responsible for the operating system.

Symptoms include the following:

  • Strange ‘clicking noise’ when PC is operating
  • Data disappearing and notifications of ‘disk errors’
  • Your PC won’t recognise that there is a hard drive
  • PC stops working/ crashes without any notice

hard drive repair sunderlandIf your computer or laptop is having any of the issues then most likely it is a hard drive failure, call Sunderland PC Repair now on 0191 501 6705 and an engineer will fix the hard drive for you in order to get your computer running as effectively as it used to before the hard drive was faulty.