Damaged Laptop Screen

screen1Is your laptop screen damaged? Do you need a screen replacement? Sunderland PC Repair offer a professional screen replacement service for anyone who has suffered from a broken screen. It doesn’t matter if the screen is severely cracked or the screen if flickering we will replace the laptop screen for you. Sunderland PC Repair offer screen replacements on all makes on models including laptops, notebooks, netbooks or even iMacs so whatever you are looking for we can provide it. All screen replacements come from a range of manufacturers in order for customers to get the right screen replacement for their specific model of laptop, as well as doing this all screens come with a one year warranty in order for you to be 100% satisfied with your screen replacement.

If you have any of the following issues with your laptop screen you should consider having a screen replacement:

  • Evidence of physical damage which is visible to the eye, this could be dents or cracks on the screen, as after time the problem will only get worse as well as it being an eyesore.
  • A dark/ black display even when the computer is switched on.
  • Vertical or horizontal lines that appear on the screen.
  • Flickering of the display image, this commonly becomes worst as the laptop is moved.


So, if your laptop, notebook, netbook or even iMac’s screen is damaged call Sunderland PC Repair today on 0191 501 6705. You will receive friendly customer service over the phone and when the engineer arrives at an agreed time with yourself he we replace your broken/ damaged screen for you.