Low Battery Life

Battery life

low battery 1A common problem that people have with laptops is the battery life, many users have to sit down with their laptop whilst it is connected to the charger in case of it shutting down on them and therefore losing all work uploaded that hasn’t been saved. Without a decent battery your laptop can become extremely unreliable, but it’s not just the case for laptops, tablets and many smart phones battery life can decrease very fast, this doesn’t mean you need but what is it exactly that does this?

The Issue

Over time the battery on many devices dies down and after a long period time you might only be able to use it for just an hour or two, this could just be a problem with your charger if you have purchased a rogue one which isn’t the specific make of the laptop, tablet or smart phone. It will say the device is being charged and could even say the battery is full however your device could only be on 50% or so. These rogue chargers in fact damage the battery over the time and if this is the case its time to buy an official charger, the only problem is these chargers can be considerably more expensive but in the long run it is defiantly the better option. If this has happened to your device it would be a good idea to purchase a new battery and have it fitted, this is fairly easy to do but if you live in the Sunderland area here at Sunderland PC Repair we will buy and fit the battery for you to save you the hassle.

If you feel that your battery on any device such as Smartphone’s, laptops or tablets has died down and you don’t think it’s due to the charger you use or the battery itself it may be a case of the system needing a tune up or just clear some space due to the memory capacity being full. low battery 2


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