TalkTalk Scam

What it is

In the past week or so here at Sunderland PC Repair we have received a high number of calls regarding big named company’s commonly disguising themselves TalkTalk. They start usually by asking general questions like confirming your name and your address. As the convocation develops and they gain your trust they will ask you for your bank details and then make up a scenario such as the company owe you money and they would like to insert it into your bank for compensation, in reality you will receive no payment and instead they will deduct a large sum of cash out of your bank. Remember a large organisation like TalkTalk will never ask you for your bank details. talktalk

Case 1

Paul Hirst who lives in Huddersfield has recently suffered from this exact scam where a ‘so called’ representive from TalkTalk persuaded him to hand over his bank details due to having ‘problems with his phone and broadband service’ and he was entitled to £200 compensation later that day the scammer took £5,000 out of his account. Mr Hirst said on the crisis ‘’I feel so stupid. But they were very, very clever.’ Due to being frightened Mr Hirst destroyed his laptop as he feared the scammers may of gained access to that to. case 1

TalkTalk’s  guide to help

TalkTalk are aware of this reoccurring issue and have created a guide on their website so if you are a TalkTalk customer it would be a good idea to read this in order to protect yourself.

Case 2

An elderly couple from Kent had a very similar problem happen to them and they were left in financial trouble as the scammers took a massive £9,000 out of the bank account. The scammers again said they were from TalkTalk and gained access to the couple’s personal laptop where they then logged onto their online personal banking. Make sure you are aware of this to make sure it does not happen to you too. case 2


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