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Computer Security variables you should consider

tech security picData security and computer security are vital elements you need to consider when you are protecting yourself from the online world. Hackers, fraudsters and scams are luring in and around the web waiting to strike. To protect yourself from these and to feel a lot less vulnerable to the threats they oppose follow the following simple steps:

Keeping your phone secure

tech security pic2If you have a lock code on your phone that requires a four digit password you should consider adding an extra digit to the sequence to make it extra secure, to do so head to the settings page and add away. If your phone will not allow you to add an extra digit instead of this change you passcode frequently therefore it will be harder to crack.

Password Manager

tech security pic3If you are not aware of ‘password managers’ it’s probably about time you use one! As we are advised, we should use a different password for every account we create due to if somebody locates the password you use for every device and account then you could seriously be in trouble. ‘Password managers’ keep all your passwords safe in a hidden encrypted file for your eyes only, it saves you the grief of remember different passwords off the top of your head and doing so will make your computer security a lot more safe.


tech security pic4.jpgHave you downloaded anti-virus and anti-malware software on your computer? Viruses and malware is a constant threat when you are using the internet .They can be found deep in websites, viruses can spot you and strike at anytime so make sure your computer or laptop is fully protected by downloading an anti-virus pack.

Wireless Router

tech security pic5When defending your home network your internet router is the first line of defense, to protect if regularly change the routers administrator log in and change other similar features. If you already feel under threat of somebody accessing your wireless router and they are violating your computer security then you should contact somebody straight away.


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