Windows 10 Handy Guide   

Windows 10 Guide

If you upgraded to Windows 10 then these handy tips may help you a lot! Access the settings of Windows 10 and you can tweak you a few options in order to keep your PC more safe through privacy, you can make the operating system run faster and you can make it more convenient, simply follow this guide:

File Sharing

A new feature that operating system Windows is the ‘optimized update delivery system’ which basically allows you to obtain updates from other windows 10 computers through the internet, the issue with this however is that your computer will also be used as a update sharing hub for other windows 10 users like yourself.

To simply deactivate this feature complete the following Settings > Update & security > Advanced options > Choose how updates are delivered.

Notification overload

You will find the central hub t windows 10 under the Windows 10 Action Centre, all your reminders, apps, recenelt installed progreamms and notifactions get sent straight to there. But getting exces amunt of notifcatyions can prove to be an annoyance. To get more control over your notifactions simply go to Settings > System > Notifications & actions and turning off things like Show me tips about Windows and individual app notifications.

Start menu ads

Microsoft is pushing the new Windows Store that you may be seeing apps you never downloaded in your Start menu. These are more or less adverts trying to promote Microsoft. To turn off these ads complete the following by going to Settings > Personalization > Start > Occasionally show suggestions in Start

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