Windows 10

When Microsoft released Windows 8 many users were very disappointed with it, Windows 8 was massively a failure which is why Microsoft deciding to skip making a ‘Windows 9’ and jump straight to Windows 10. It was a large project which took a lot of funding to create but it has been a success. Microsoft through Windows 10 have created a single platform that runs on laptops, desktops, tablets, phones and even the Xbox One, so no matter what device you’ve got (as long as its not too old) then you can enjoy Windows. win101


There are a countless number of improvements and advantages that make up Windows 10 including:

  • Eye catching user interface that all can enjoy.
  • There have been many new features that have been added to make the function of Windows 10 stand out from competitors.
  • It is great for all gamers – if you have an Xbox One there is an app which is dedicated to it due to Xbox being created by Microsoft.
  • Improved multitasking system.
  • Boots faster.



Although it is Windows 10 seems to be the real deal it isn’t quite yet perfect, there are a few disadvantages including:

  • If you PC is old Windows 10 may not be compatible with it – meaning you cannot download it on that system.
  • The Windows Media Centre has been removed so anyone upgrading from a previous version of Windows will lose everything that they had encrypted to the centre.
  • Touch features have been created, however many have been discontinued due to it not being so successful.


Sunderland PC Repair provide a service dedicated to all Windows operating systems including 10 and previous ones such as 8, 7 and vista. This service includes repairs on Windows 10 its self if it doesn’t work correctly or you are experiencing technical issues, any virus issues our engineers can resolve. Finally Sunderland PC Repair will upgrade or downgrade you to any of the Windows operating systems if one suits your specific needs more than the others.

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