Windows 8


Windows 8 boasts a whole new User Interface. This system has been applauded on the touch screen devices, but since Windows 8 is an operating system optimized for touch screens this has had annoyed most desktop and laptop users as they cannot get a whole experience in regards to Windows 8. Significant changes have been made to upgrade the system to become user friendly but a operating system upgrade must be completed.


Windows 8 has been met with utter dismay by domestic PC users. Eradication of the normal start system from its predecessors has meant most users have been left in the lurch as how to use it. Windows 8.1 was released to try and rectify the inherent bugs which came with its sibling but still there is a knowledge deficiency in Windows 8 family and as such newer alternatives are in the pipeline.

Why Use Sunderland PC Repairs For your Windows 8 Issues?

Windows 8 is an inadequate system at best which has had nothing but complaints from avid Windows users and even the occasional user is left clueless as to how to use this new system. Here at Durham PC Repairs we have specialised in getting your computer to work the way you want with an operating system that’s right for you. We don’t offer jargon, just a fixed computer at convenience. So if you have a question, query, problem, or are after some advice call us 0191 501 6705, for a quick and reliable service. So many of our customers have downgraded their new machines to Windows 7 that we now offer it as an option.

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